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Celebrate Climate Action Month: Three Things You Can Do to Protect the Environment

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  • Sabrina Suzuki

It’s Climate Action Month and it’s as good a time as ever to be reminded that we only have one planet so we should take care of it. We each have favorite possessions that we take extra care of, and what we all collectively share responsibility for is taking care of “Mother Earth.” As good stewards of the community, we ask that you keep these three things in mind and together, we can make a difference in preserving the land, sea and air that makes San Francisco the city we have all come to enjoy.

Keep pollutants out of the Bay and Ocean.
Keep pollutants out of the Bay and Ocean.

Keep Pollutants Out of the Bay and Ocean
Pollutants such as trash, pet waste, pesticides and motor oil can end up in our storm drains. 

  • Bring your car to a professional car washing facility – they capture all the soapy runoff that may otherwise pollute local waters. Washing your car at home is not optimal since motor oil and other pollutants can get washed down the street.
  • Always pick up your pet’s waste and throw the bagged waste in the trash. 
  • Watch this short video on how to prevent stormwater pollution in your neighborhood.

Think Before You Flush
Flushing the wrong stuff can cause costly, messy clogs, harm the sewer system, and even impact the environment.

  • Flush only the 3 Ps: Toilet Paper, Poop and Pee
  • “Flushable” wipes aren’t flushable. They can clog sewer lines and get caught in equipment at wastewater treatment plants. Please dispose of wipes in the trash. 
Adopt a Drain and make the pledge to keep it clear of trash and debris.
Adopt a Drain and make the pledge to keep it clear of trash and debris.

Adopt a Drain
Pick a storm drain close to your home, school, or work, and pledge to keep it free of debris. You can even give it a name!

  • This program brings together like minded residents who want to keep pollutants, leaves, debris, and trash from entering our sewer system and environment. 
  • Together, drain adopters are helping keep our streets clean and our environment thriving.
  • Learn more and adopt a drain at

If only the birds, bees, flowers, and trees could speak. On behalf of Mother Earth, thank you for being kind to this planet and Happy Climate Action Month!

Sabrina Suzuki