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Hetch Hetchy Power Illuminates Pink Triangle in Honor of Pride Month

The Pink Triangle atop Twin Peaks can be seen illuminated by Hetch Hetchy Power’s 100% greenhouse gas-free hydropower in honor of Pride Month.
  • Donald Pollitt II

The Pink Triangle, an iconic symbol of love and inclusion, was lit by Mayor London Breed, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and City officials to kick off Pride Month in San Francisco earlier this month.

Illuminated by our very own Hetch Hetchy Power, this year’s installation will shine both day and night thanks to new sparkling pink streamers and numerous pink LED lights—illuminated by our 100% greenhouse gas-free hydropower.

Started in 1996 by Patrick Carney, the Pink Triangle is constructed with pieces of pink canvas and installed by volunteers to symbolize San Francisco’s ongoing support of the LGBTQ community. In 2020, the arts non-profit Illuminate partnered with Carney to light the triangle with 2,700 pink LED lights. Since then, the SFPUC has been proud to help power the light display, which can be seen from various points across the San Francisco Bay, and even from space.

Historically, the symbol was used by the Nazis in concentration camps to identify and shame people who identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. However, today, the LGBTQ community has embraced the Pink Triangle as a symbol of pride. The annual installation of the Pink Triangle on Twin Peaks every June has become a tradition of remembrance, love, and hope as the City celebrates Pride Month.

In addition to illuminating the Pink Triangle, Hetch Hetchy Power, the City’s public power utility, energizes municipal facilities such as City Hall (whose lights are often rainbow colored for Pride Month!), schools and libraries, some private commercial developments, and affordable housing.

The Pink Triangle lights will shine proudly throughout the Bay Area until June 30.