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Power Infrastructure Brings Clean Energy to San Francisco

San Francisco City Hall's rooftop solar array
  • Jackie Randazzo
San Francisco City Hall dome with LED lighting
San Francisco City Hall dome with LED lighting

United for Infrastructure Week celebrates the importance of investing in our reservoirs, electric grids, sewer systems, and more. At the SFPUC and within the Power Enterprise, we #LeadWithInfrastructure every day to bring affordable, clean energy to customers and San Francisco.

Our clean energy programs, Hetch Hetchy Power and CleanPowerSF, support new power infrastructure in San Francisco and beyond.

Hetch Hetchy Power is constructing a new high voltage transmission and distribution system along the eastern waterfront for new and existing customers. In addition, the public power utility completed a new solar array at the City’s War Memorial Opera House. The 90kW system is the 26th solar array in the Hetch Hetchy Power portfolio.

In addition, CleanPowerSF recently committed to supporting two new long-duration energy storage projects located in Southern California. The Tumbleweed and Goal Line projects will help store solar power during the day and discharge the electricity at night when renewables can be less plentiful.

San Francisco City Hall dome with LED lighting
San Francisco City Hall dome with LED lighting

We also work to invest in efficient infrastructure.

The Power Enterprise recently completed a dazzling LED lighting project at City Hall. Old lamps and fixtures, illuminating the interior dome directly above the rotunda and stairwell, were replaced with low-wattage, multi-color LED luminaries and a sophisticated lighting control system.

The project, completed under the Civic Center Sustainable Utilities Plan, demonstrates the agency’s leadership by transforming the historic area into a green district by maximizing energy efficiency, reducing the City’s carbon footprint, and showcasing sustainable technologies to buildings patrons and visitors.

Through its support of new and efficient power infrastructure, the Power Enterprise and SFPUC are working to ensure customers and San Francisco can enjoy clean energy for years to come. 

Jackie Randazzo