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Construction at the Southeast Treatment Plant



Progress! We are investing over $3 billion to upgrade and modernize the aging facilities to reduce odors, increase efficiency of operations, and to fortify it against climate change and sea-level rise. When these upgrades are complete, the plant will work better, look better, and smell better!

With major work in the aera, expect additional vehicles and crews and occasional inconveniences due to trucks and construction activities. 

Be careful when traveling through the area, drive slowly and follow traffic signs.

Watch the video at the right of the page to view some of the recent construction activities for a sense of the scale of work and challenges of rebuilding critical facilities while maintaining full wastewater treatment operations.

Construction Progress

Project teams at the Southeast Treatment Plant (SEP) continue to make great strides, below are some major accomplishments our teams make this year. 

  • New Headworks Facility: The SEP's most complex project completed much of the facility's structure and soon the project will complete construction of the 12 grit tanks, a critical path milestone for the project, anticipated completion is winter 2024.
  • Biosolids Digester Facilities: The SEP's largest project completed excavation and has been steadily erecting rebar and pouring concrete for the digester tanks. The project also received the Envision Platinum Award for sustainable infrastructure. Anticipated completion is 2028. 
  • RECENTLY COMPLETED - Sedimentation Building Seismic Retrofit & Rehabilitation: This project made state-of-the-industry mechanical upgrades and fortified one of the plant's existing and most vital facilities, safeguarding it from earthquakes and sea-level rise.
  • Jobs and Contracts: We are proud of our Local Hire and Local Contracting efforts and are meeting or exceeding the City’s aggressive goals. For our quarterly snapshot of the jobs and contracts provided by the SSIP, and resources in jobs and contracts, check out the most recent SSIP Jobs & Contracts report

We are proud of our teams and partners who are delivering these world-class and award-winning projects and are getting the job done. We look forward to sharing more about our progress, staff and how these vital projects are supporting local art, workforce, business, and a vibrant Bayview.


  • Construction Start: 2018