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Construction at the Southeast Treatment Plant


The Southeast Treatment Plant (SEP) operates 24/7 to protect public health and the environment. For more than 70 years, San Francisco has relied on SEP to treat the majority of its wastewater. We are making generational investments so this vital facility can continue to work around the clock.

As we continue to make progress with our infrastructure investments, we are proud to be providing jobs and contracting opportunities to local residents and businesses. When complete, the plant will work better, look better, and smell better for the community, our staff, and entire City!

Construction Look-Ahead:

2024 will be another busy year for construction at the Southeast Treatment Plant.

Along Evans Avenue, the New Headworks Facility Project will finish installing the permanent Art Wall, titled “Whorl/Whirl: Our Circular Nature,” designed by artist Norie Sato. On the other side of the wall, crews have begun testing parts of the new facility, and the new Odor Control Unit is near completion.

The Biosolids Digesters Facilities Project celebrated a milestone with a “Topping Off” ceremony when the project’s highest beam was installed. Additionally, lids for all five of the 65-foot-tall Digesters will be installed.

Expect additional vehicles and crews in the area during the summer months, with occasional inconveniences due to trucks and increased construction activities.

  • Construction Start: 2018