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4/25 Webinar: Expanding Public Power in San Francisco

SF City power lineman streetlight

Now more than ever the ability to deliver clean, reliable, and affordable energy is critical to San Francisco. However, as the monopoly grid owner, PG&E continues to place obstacles in our way. PG&E has a long history of imposing unnecessary limitations and costs on San Francisco’s use of the local electric grid, throwing up roadblocks and charging exorbitant fees for basic power hookups, blocking everything from affordable housing to new public transit projects.

Our City. Our Power. webinar

There’s a better way for San Francisco, and it’s called public power.  

Join us on Thursday, April 25 at 10 a.m. for a free, one-hour webinar as we walk through the City’s effort to acquire PG&E’s local electric assets, the benefits of public power, and how to get involved in shaping our city’s energy future.

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What will be covered during the webinar:

  • San Francisco’s effort to acquire PG&E’s local electric assets
  • Challenges posed by PG&E obstruction and delays to local public projects
  • Benefits of public power
  • How to get involved with our campaign
  • Q&A session: get your questions answered by our subject matter experts!  

Know neighbors or friends who could benefit from learning more about public power and our efforts to stop PG&E price gouging? Share information about this webinar with them today.