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CleanPowerSF Celebrates Excelsior Coffee in Honor of Black Business Month

Excelsior Coffee owners Lea and Andre Higginbotham
  • Donald Pollitt II

When we support Black-owned businesses, we support Black communities.

August is a time to acknowledge, celebrate and support Black-owned businesses in San Francisco and throughout the United States. By shaking up our buying habits, we can contribute to strengthening Black businesses, encouraging job growth, and closing gaps in equity and opportunity.

Lea and Andre Higginbotham, owners of Excelsior Coffee, cannot help but be all smiles as they stand in front of their business on a bright sunny day.
Lea and Andre Higginbotham, owners of Excelsior Coffee, cannot help but be all smiles as they stand in front of their business on a bright sunny day.

A proud CleanPowerSF SuperGreen customer and San Francisco novelty, Excelsior Coffee energizes and warms the heart of its community by giving back through its business. Partners in life and love, Lea and Andre Higginbotham, who are proud Excelsior residents, opened their coffee shop in 2017 as a commitment to protecting the electric authenticity of this neighborhood known as a dynamic, bold, and working-class stronghold.

Lea has a penchant for numbers, crossfades, and jump shots. Andre is a local public high school educator and connoisseur of old cars. Together, they are fanatics about coffee, cultivators of culture, and enjoy the benefits of being SuperGreen customers and choosing 100% renewable energy for their business. “Coffee shops have been a community fixture for ages and to be one in the Excelsior neighborhood is truly an honor,” says Andre.

Started in 2004 by John William Templeton and Frederick Jordan, National Black Business Month is a way to celebrate the strength and diversity of Black businesses throughout the United States. From small businesses to content creators, Black-owned businesses have been longtime economic drivers and wealth builders in our society. By supporting these businesses, we can help grow these communities and create more opportunities for meaningful income and generational wealth. 

Supporting local Black-owned businesses is something we can each do not only this month but all year round. The SFPUC is proud to support and bring attention to the positive impacts that Black-owned businesses like Excelsior Coffee (and many others) have on their local communities. Lending our collective support can be as simple as making a purchase, referring businesses to friends and family, or even engaging with them on social media (follow @excelsiorcoffeesf).

Open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends, Excelsior Coffee is inspired to bring dope coffee, with bold flavors and superior quality, to its neighborhood while adding to the tapestry of Black-owned business in the city. A vibe like no other, Excelsior Coffee is a shop for the people, and I encourage all to experience just how deliciously electric this coffee shop truly is. 

To find other Black-owned businesses offering goods and services in San Francisco or your respective neighborhood, check out the Office of Economic and Workforce Development’s (OEWD) list