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Gold Mine Drive Pipeline Replacement Project


To ensure reliable water service in this portion of the Diamond Heights neighborhood, we are replacing pipes that are approaching the end of their useful life. This work is scheduled to take place in segments in the following order:

Segment 1 - Crags Court from the dead end to Berkeley Way.

Segment 2: Berkeley Way from Crags Court to Diamond Heights Boulevard.

Segment 3: Gold Mine Drive from Jade Place to Diamond Heights Boulevard; and Jade Place from the dead end to Gold Mine Drive.

Segment 4: Topaz Way from Gold Mine Drive to Gold Mind Drive.

Segment 5: Ora Way from Gold Mine Drive to Topaz Way.

Segment 6: Gold Mine Drive from dead end to Ora Way.

There may be delays due to weather or changes in sequence due to construction developments.

  • Construction Start: February 2024
  • Construction End: August 2025
  • Project Phase: Construction