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Ocean Beach Climate Change Adaptation Project

  • Contact: Elsa Eder, Public Information Officer
  • phone(415) 554-3274
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Protecting and Enhancing Habitat, Open Space and Coastal Infrastructure

Sloat Plaza

The Ocean Beach Climate Change Adaptation Project will create new public open space, protect key public assets, and ensure coastal access in the face of climate change. 

The southern part of Ocean Beach is under siege from tides and increasing storms. Erosion has undermined and damaged beach parking lots, stormwater drainage facilities and the Great Highway itself. Storms continue to threaten critical wastewater infrastructure and limit public shoreline access and recreational opportunities. With rising sea levels and more intense storms, erosion is only expected to get worse, which amplifies the urgency to protect coastal infrastructure, habitats, and the beach itself.

The Ocean Beach project is the first major climate change adaptation project in San Francisco. When complete, it will create over a mile of new seaside trail; improve coastal access, recreation, and habitat at south Ocean Beach; and protect vital public wastewater and recycled water infrastructure.

Project elements include constructing a buried seawall to protect a pump station, recycled water facility, wastewater treatment plant, and other key infrastructure. Other elements include rerouting Great Highway traffic at Sloat Boulevard away from the narrowest part of the beach, building a multi-use public trail with sweeping Pacific Ocean views where the highway is now, and improving beach health through the replacement of sand.

  • Construction Start: Late 2024
  • Construction End: 4 years
  • Project Phase: Planning