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Stormwatch and Strike Crews Are Ready for the Next Storm

SFPUC worker cleaning a storm drain.
  • Sabrina Suzuki

This morning San Francisco is waking up to clear skies, with sunshine for the first time in days. For the last several weeks the City and the Bay Area has been dealing with what seems like one storm after another. Crews have been working around the clock responding to service calls, combing streets, and clearing catch basins while other crews have been responding to downed trees and power outages.

Storm drain with water

"We have been recently working around the clock, but with a break in the weather, we have lightened up on our staff to give our crews time to rest. We are taking advantage of it because tomorrow more wet weather is forecasted with a heavier storm on Saturday," says Daniel Whitlock, SFPUC Stormwatch Incident Commander.

While the Stormwatch team is actively tracking the weather forecast, there is still uncertainty to what mother nature will bring. Whitlock says regardless, they will be geared up and ready.

“We are determining how many trucks should go out, the availability of the equipment and staffing needs on a daily basis. While we know it’s going to rain, we don’t always know how much rain and in what period of time,” Whitlock notes. 

With 150 service requests still pending from the last set of storms, Whitlock says, their work does not stop when the rain stops. He commends the Wastewater crews for their commitment. "It’s these times when we realize how important field staff are. They are stepping up when they are needed."

Since December 26, 2022, San Francisco has seen over 13 inches of rain, including the second-rainiest day in San Francisco’s recorded history.

Keep the umbrella and rain gear out, there is rain in the forecast until the mid-part of next week. Stay dry and safe everyone!