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  • Downed trees

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Marina Middle School Gets New Solar Array Energized by Hetch Hetchy Power

  • Donald Pollitt

Schools in San Francisco are thinking for the future, whether it comes to climate change or preparing the next generation of leaders that roam their halls. For schools like Marina Middle School, that future looks bright, especially for the new solar sitting atop the school’s roof. 

At the start of 2023, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) completed installation and energization of a brand-new solar array at the school, which is in the heart of the Marina District. Thanks to the ongoing partnership between the SFPUC and the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD), Marina Middle School is now the 8th solar installation at a public-school site and the 28th solar project in the City commissioned by Hetch Hetchy Power, San Francisco’s publicly owned utility. 

Marina Middle School Solar Array.
Marina Middle School Solar Array.

The SFPUC’s Power Enterprise designed and provided the funding for the project’s clean energy infrastructure, which includes 165 rooftop solar modules that will produce about 25% of the school's electrical needs. The rest of the electricity energizing the halls and classrooms will be 100% greenhouse gas-free power provided by Hetch Hetchy Power, making the school a 100% clean electricity site.

Recognizing that Climate Change is the environmental challenge of our time, the SFUSD Board of Education passed the Carbon Neutral Schools resolution committing SFUSD to reduce energy usage 50% by 2040, eliminate combustion of natural gas by 2040, and generate 100% of their own power needs by 2050. In conjunction with the installation of solar panels, their efforts will dramatically reduce utility bills and allow SFUSD to focus their financial resources on the classroom.

SFUSD’s commitment to clean energy is setting an example for the next generation, encouraging students to think about where their energy comes from and how clean energy can make a difference in protecting the environment for everyone.  The SFPUC is proud to partner with SFUSD to expand local renewable resources and help reduce energy costs for the school district in the long term.

Together, the SFPUC and SFUSD will help the City make further progress in reaching Mayor Breed’s ambitious climate action goals by eliminating the districts carbon emissions and reinvesting back into the classroom to help local students thrive for your years to come.

When you choose Hetch Hetchy Power – it's a triple win for our students, our school, and the future of our planet!

Donald Pollitt