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Year in Review: Project Pull

Year in Review: Project Pull
  • Lisa M. Miles-Wilkerson

The 27th year of Project Pull broke the mold with a new pilot hybrid internship program. Led by Program Director, Lisa M. Miles-Wilkerson, and Program Assistant, Clara Becker, Project Pull completed another successful summer of exposing students to career paths in City Government.

This past summer was all about meeting the needs of the new cohort of interns. Project Pull is never the same from year to year, and according to Miles-Wilkerson, there is never a dull moment. Working through the many changes of the past several years from the global pandemic, the program’s strong foundation was made possible through the leadership of Miles-Wilkerson.  

Project Pull interns during Enrichment Days.

As high school students living through the pandemic, the interns have straddled the in-person and virtual worlds during some of the most formative years of their lives. Project Pull wanted to approach this period of transition holistically. For the program, this meant facilitating and supporting the interns in acclimating not just to a work setting, but also re-acclimating to being around their peers.

One of the most significant adjustments Project Pull made was doubling the number of in-person Enrichment Days. The goal of every Enrichment Day is to maximize the interns’ engagement and development while providing them with an abundance of opportunities to bond as a team and a program. The Enrichment Days gave the interns the chance to get out of their neighborhoods and explore new parts of the City. These experiences all contributed to the program's incredible sense of community.

As Miles-Wilseron reflects on all the achievements this past summer had to offer, she feels a sense of gratitude for her interns. "We are always so proud and excited to share a look at the amazing work that our interns accomplished this summer, but we are even more proud of the incredible family that we formed together."

Lisa M. Miles-Wilkerson